Maxime Publishes New People’s Party Ad!

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Hello Everyone! Mr. Bernier has published the PPC’s first ad! Check it out! This is the @peoplespca’s first official ad! The same concept can be adapted for each one of our policies. How do you like it? Tell us what you think. — Maxime Bernier (@MaximeBernier) January 24, 2019  

PPC Announces Candidates!

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People’s Party of Canada Has Announced it’s First Two Candidates Hello Everyone, Just a quick update today!  Mr. Bernier has announced candidates running in 2 by-elections that are happening soon.  Here is a link to the tweets: PPC Announcement Tweet: The @peoplespca is very proud to announce the nomination of its first ever candidates in the two upcoming BC by-elections. …

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Sign Maxime Bernier’s Petition Against The UN Migrant Pact

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Click [HERE] to sign the petition – This morning on Twitter, Maxime Bernier asked members of the People’s Party of Canada, along with all concerned Canadian citizens, to sign Petition E-1906, a petition against the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. Four reasons for the withdrawal are outlined within the details of the petition: The Government of Canada has a …