The Inaccuracy of the Polls

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US Polls

Day before US election

Bulletproof trudeau

NDP Minority?
Two ways Andrea Horwath could become Ontario premier

NDP tied with PCs as Ford’s Tories tumble in Ontario election: Ipsos poll

NDP Lead Widens

Ontario Result – Strong PC Majority

NDP Bridging gap, but not enough – Alberta
NDP bridging the gap, but not enough, as Alberta election campaign draws to a close: Ipsos poll

Alberta Result – Strong Conservative Majority

New Brunswick – Looking like liberal majority

New Brunswick – No liberal majority

PEI Greens April 17 – 35% greens 32 PC

PEI Greens- April 18 – + 5 points to 40? PC 29

PEI result – PC minority

SNC Doesn’t hurt trudeau

Ipsos – Ethics laws violations don’t hurt Trudeau

Aug 18 – Sept 3 Bernier polls at 17% on Nanos

People’s Party not included on Poll

Angus Reid confirming not including ppc

Reid saying they will include in future

Angus Reid polls shapes answers and responses – “survey full”

PPC listed as other in Bernier’s riding

PPC google trends after debates

Twitter Poll – how is NDP and Lib doing so badly, i thought they were at 40-50%?

Post debate scrum numbers

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