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Sign Maxime Bernier’s Petition Against The UN Migrant Pact

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Click [HERE] to sign the petition

This morning on Twitter, Maxime Bernier asked members of the People’s Party of Canada, along with all concerned Canadian citizens, to sign Petition E-1906, a petition against the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.

Four reasons for the withdrawal are outlined within the details of the petition:

  • The Government of Canada has a duty to ensure the rights and wellbeing of Canadians;
  • The maintenance of our borders and limited merit-based immigration are essential to our rights and wellbeing;
  • Polls consistently have shown the majority of Canadians reject illegal border crossing and subordination of our citizens’ needs to those of illegal aliens; and
  • Several of our allies notably the United States of America, Poland, Hungary and Austria have withdrawn from the United Nations’ global migration pact citing its threats to their sovereignty, peace, order and good governance.

The list of allies who have withdrawn from the Pact is extensive. As we Tweeted on Thursday, the list of nations rejecting the Pact has climbed to, at a minimum, 19.

Today, at least seven major Canadian cities are holding protests against the Pact, including Ottawa and Toronto.

(you can find an unofficial list here)

The National Post wrote that there is now a record number of Canadians opposed to increasing immigration, and unofficial polls on Twitter have pegged opposition to the Pact at 80%+.

Canadians opinion on immigration levels


Simply put, Canadians have not been asked their opinions on migration or immigration. We’ve been told by Trudeau’s Liberals that this is how it’s going to be and any opposition will be labeled as far-right by Gerald Butts on Twitter.

That’s right, the opinions of the majority of Canadians are seen as extremist by our prime minister’s secretary.

Please take two minutes to sign the petition. Trudeau needs to know that we’re not going to let this Pact pass silently and that we will make him pay for it at the polls on October 21, 2019.

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