Should Trudeau Have Given One of Canada’s Richest Men $12 million?

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This past week, the Trudeau government gave $12 million to Loblaws to upgrade their refrigeration systems in 370 of their stores.

Galen Weston is the chairman of Loblaws and, according to Forbes, he is the third richest in Canada.

Why did the Liberals give $12 million of your money to Loblaws?

“New refrigerators results in 50,000 vehicles off the road every year,” said Environment Minister Catherine McKenna.

That was it. McKenna provided no other reasons why Loblaws got such an astounding gift from the Liberals.

In an email sent to subscribers on April 9, titled, “Subsidies to Loblaw??”, Maxime Bernier rightly reiterated his point that a People’s Party government would abolish corporate welfare.

“The People’s Party is the only party unreservedly committed to abolishing corporate welfare,” he wrote.

Thankfully, people are taking notice of this unending gift-giving by the Trudeau government.

One local grocer in Oakville, Jubilee Market, Tweeted this out in response to the handout:

These handouts to billion dollar corporations are precisely why the PPC is gaining so much traction across the country.

The Liberals and Conservatives line the pockets of their special interest groups and the only people who end up suffering are regular, every day Canadians.

Do you agree?

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