People’s Party of Canada vs CPC on Abortion

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Andrew Scheer – Abortion debate won’t be reopened

3:00 – 5:08 –
Why keep door open to restrict access to abortion
I think it will stay like that
People who want to limit it to the last trimester
They have the right to table a bill
The People’s Party won’t have a position on that
That’s the place to have a debate
Free vote!
I don’t believe anyone will table a bill against women to have an abortion in the beginning of their pregnancy
We have people who live in pro choice and pro live
No one wants to remove the right of women to have an abortion

Never have an official position, party members free to vote as they please –
No concrete positions on key social issues.
It’s not something important for a freezer and more prosperous country

Honest with canadians – an MP can table a bill on that. We could have one tomorrow, and that could happen in the next parliament.

6:10 – finishing statements

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