Mark Paralovos – People’s Party Candidate for Guelph

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Statement in writing:


The problems facing Canada are not all that different from the problems that became apparent during the 2015 election, but now seem to be even more dire.


Investment and oil revenue are at decades low points. The divisive rhetoric used by trudeau has fractured this country much worse than anything Stephen Harper did.  The open borders and disastrous foreign policy miss steps have diminished Canada’s standing on the world stage.


Make no mistake, the Harper conservatives were soundly removed from office in 2015 just like the trudeau liberals will be in 2019, but does it make sense to now hand your vote over to the CPC or even the greens? Do you think Elizabeth may would make an effective opposition leader or prime minister?  Do you think the CPC is any different now than they were under Harper?


No, the conservatives were removed from power in 2015 for a lot of the same issues now dogging Trudeau’s government.


Lack of transparency. Trudeau ran on transparency. What about Mark Norman and SNC? Now even a potential gun ban??


Refusing to listen to Canadians. Most want less immigration (and no illegal immigration), but this government is doubling down on yearly increases as just one example of the terrible leadership on display.


Arrogance in governance. Trudeau and Harper kept telling Canadians what they want while ignoring what Canadians actually want. A government that listens and represents the people of this country. A government that prioritizes the safety and prosperity of its citizens and country before all others.


That doesn’t include calling people sexist or racist. That doesn’t include shutting down the conversation by having your paid off media write articles claiming “white supremacy” is the biggest threat in Canada despite all the evidence to the contrary.


The conservatives lost my vote in 2015 and the liberals lost it in 2016. It’s time for a party that is focused on delivering what the people want.  Fitting that our party is named for exactly that.

A party based on fairness and respect. Individual responsibility and above all freedom.


Thank you for your early support. Thanks for being here today. It’s the first step to fixing these big, important issues. It’s the first step to putting Canada back on the right path.


Vote your interests. Vote your values. Vote for the People’s party of Canada.


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