Lloyd Longfield Supports 2018 Criminal Code Changes Without Understanding the Whens, Whys or Hows

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On February 11, Guelph Today posted an article talking about the current scandals engulfing the Trudeau Liberals.  Mr. Longfield got some important points wrong and there are some interesting aspects we’d like to highlight for you.

 Here is the original article link:

Longfield told Guelph Today that it’s not up to Liberals like him to call on his leader for an investigation:

“Guelph’s MP says it isn’t up to backbenchers like himself to call for an open and transparent investigation into an allegation that former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould was pressured by the Prime Minister’s Office to help SNC-Lavalin avoid criminal prosecution”

However, other backbench liberal MP’s have called on the Liberal leadership to be transparent about this.

New Brunswick MP Wayne Long said in a statement posted to social media Monday that he was “extremely troubled” when the allegation surfaced last week and nothing he has heard since has made him feel less unsettled.

“How the law treats individuals or corporations in our society is not, and should never be, incumbent upon the political pressure they can exert upon politicians,” Long said in the statement.

Longfield said that the Justice Committee was looking into it, but that is false. The Justice Committee sent a single representative to brief the Finance Committee of Bill C-74.  Here are some excerpts from that conversation, one of the most important being:

We have not studied division 20 in depth. We’ve had no witnesses, save Ms. Sheppard. In my view, we are not the body, despite the fact that we have some very distinguished members here—I hold them all in quite good stead—that should be studying this departure from the criminal justice system.”

This is a change that was pushed at committee, with no witnesses except Sheppard from the Justice Committee. These changes were codified into law despite the concerns of everyone involved, except the majority Liberals.  Longfield still believes that this is being looked at. Is he not engaged with what his government is doing?

From the Guelph Today article:

“I know the Justice Committee is looking at that,” said Longfield. “I don’t think Wayne, as a backbencher, is in that type of position.”

The problem is that the Justice Committee was totally cut out. This is evident by the fact that this process was shoehorned into bill C-74 as ‘Division 20’ referenced above. Here is a May 2018 quote from Dan Albas, a Conservative MP, further showing his shock and displeasure at how this change to the Criminal Code has happened.

Dan ALbas + JWR

Dan ALbas + JWR

Second Quote from Albas

Dan ALbas + JWR

SNC Lavalin also had their case held until this new criminal code change came into effect.


SNC Lavalin Hearing Pushed back

We have Lloyd Longfield, a back benching liberal MP, who believes, incorrectly, that the Justice Department is looking at changes in the criminal code. Changes that have already taken place, at the lobbying of SNC Lavalin.  Here is Longfield’s statement from Guelph Today on the use of the criminal code changes that have already taken place. Is he unaware of the implications of the changes to the criminal code? Is he ignoring the fact that the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) is embroiled in a legal controversy over pressuring the former Attorney General to give special consideration for SNC Lavalin?

“Longfield’s answer came before an announcement Monday that the allegation will be investigated by Mario Dion, Canada’s Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner.

Longfield wondered if it is fair for a big company that employs thousands of people to be held back from contracts because of some executives that have misstepped.

“The UK and USA has rules to protect their employees,” said Longfield. “We’re looking at if we could use those rules in Canada. That is a really big question for SNC-Lavalin and for the government of Canada.”

Wrong, Lloyd. The bill has been passed. It’s buried in bill C-74.


And now it looks like this corruption goes right to the PMO.  Do we want a backbencher who is willing to look the other way while corruption consumes our government? Other backbenching Liberal MPs aren’t afraid to demand more of their leadership, why not Lloyd?



The People’s Party of Canada is a new party that holds Freedom, Respect, Personal Responsibility, and Fairness as tenets of our party.  I would feel personally responsible to hold this government to account if I was a part of it. Why doesn’t Lloyd feel this way?

Isn’t it time to send someone to Ottawa who is willing to fight for you, rather than blindly fall in line with party leadership? Isn’t it time to send someone principled? Someone who isn’t afraid to say what needs to be said?

Vote your values. Vote People’s Party of Canada.

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