Friday PPC Roundup: “But you’ll split the vote!”

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Hi everyone,

We’re starting a new weekly newsletter called the Friday PPC Roundup and every Friday, we’ll fill you in with what’s happening in the Guelph EDA and the PPC in general.

This week’s theme is vote-splitting.

It’s a topic we’ve spoken about tirelessly since Max founded the PPC back on September 14, 2018.

We truly believe, as members of the PPC, that a vote for the Liberals and Conservatives are a vote for identical parties.

But don’t believe me, just ask the Toronto Star!

They published an article today titled, “Scheer’s big policy reveals are a lot like Trudeau’s

In the article they state:

“Indeed, at base, Scheer’s ideas of how Canada should operate seem eerily similar to those of Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.”

And the article continues:

“On the home front, Scheer blasts the Trudeau government for running fiscal deficits. But like Trudeau, he is in no hurry to eliminate them. In fact, his promise to phase out the $20 billion federal deficit over five years mirrors the pledge that Trudeau made (but didn’t keep) in 2015.”

When Max calls the Liberals and Conservatives the LibCon Party, he’s not wrong!

As you’ll read on our Facebook page, when The Star is having trouble distinguishing Scheer from Trudeau, you KNOW conservatism in Canada is in big trouble!

To summarise, a vote for the Mark Parolovos, Maxime Bernier, and the People’s Paty of Canada is not vote-splitting.

It’s 4 versions of a left-wing party — orange, green, red, and blue — versus the principled, freedom-focused centre-right party, the PPC.

The choice is clear: Vote PPC in 2019.

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Have a wonderful weekend,
Andrew Donovan
VP, PPC Guelph


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