Climate Emergency? “Mostly Symbolic Gesture” and Canada Warming 2x Global Rate?

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Kingston first Ontario municipality to declare climate emergency
Kingston first Ontario municipality to declare climate emergency

Strategic planning

Kingston city council starts its strategic planning

Halifax and Vancouver declare climate emergency (largely symbolic)
Halifax joins Vancouver as 2nd Canadian city to declare climate emergency

NDP Introduce ‘Climate Emergency’ in Ontario Legislature

Canada Warms at 2x global rate

Pearson 1938 – 2019

Vancouver Int’l Airport

Calgary May 1900 – 2018

Regina Int’l 1900 – 2018

Ft. Mac Weather

Great Lakes Warming at 2x the speed?

1989 AP Global Warming Piece

Data link

Great Lakes Region Warming 2x the rate of the rest of the world?

Feeling the effects now, but all of these are ‘could be’ and ‘may be’ and ‘expected.’ None of these things has happened despite 20 years of ‘sky is falling’ literature.

Effects of global warming so far:

10% jump in rainfall due to large storms (emergency?)
Lake superior algae blooms

Things that might happen in the future:

Decreasing rainfall by 5 – 15% (so back to where we were, roughly?)
Heat waves should become more common
By end of century we could have 40 additional days with temps exceeding 32.2 c (they keep saying ‘should’)
Decrease in winter snowfall in most places, but locations accustomed to lake effect sualls can expect more snow – lake ontario snow belt
Longer growing seasons?
Wetter springs (shouldn’t that have happened yet?)
More release of untreated sewage during heavy storms and run off of nutrients that feed algae blooms (why isn’t this happening now with the 10% increase in rainfall? Why it is happening in the future if it’s supposed to return to normal?)
More sand dune erosion from heavier rainfall (again, why hasn’t this happened? If it has happened, why not mention it and sight where it’s happened as evidence of the ‘already experiencing it now’?

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