2019 Budget and People’s Party Leader’s Reaction

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Hello Everyone!

On March 19 the Liberal government unveiled their 2019 budget.  There is a lot of spending in that budget. A lot of boutique tax credits meant to buy votes. But these votes are being bought with your money.

Here is Maxime Bernier’s take on the 2019 budget. He will not be voting in favour of it.

We as a country have difficult problems to solve in housing, debt and security. As a Guelphite and Canadian my questions seem straight forward.

  1. Why aren’t we trying to solve the root cause for housing prices rather than injecting tax payer dollars into it?  We have the data on foreign buyers raising the price of our real estate. Why aren’t we solving the problem?  Here is one article outlining the impact foreign buyers are having in Vancouver and Toronto.
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  2. In 2019, the year Mr. Trudeau promised to be running a balanced budget, why are we running a 20 billion dollar deficit with no realistic path back to balance?  This is important to Canadians. The was important during the 2015 campaign.  Did Trudeau lie or is he just unable to deliver on his promises?
    Here is Justin in 2015 promising to balance the budget. He failed.Click Here for the Video
  3.  Why is Justin Trudeau unable to answer very serious questions about SNC Lavalin. Why is SNC allowed to break laws between 2001 – 2011 and not face any recourse for it? Why did the Liberals inject criminal code changes into the 2018 budget bill c-74?  Why did Mr. Trudeau shuffle Jody Wilson-Raybould out of her Cabinet position of Attorney General and Justice Minister in January?  Was it because she refused to offer a DPA (defferred prosecution agreement) to SNC Lavalin?As someone who is paying attention these are things I cannot overlook.  Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government need to go. Mr. Bernier’s plan is one that will effectively start to answer the questions Canadians have and will actually start putting Canada back on the right path.

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